The function of ski glove

- Apr 13, 2018 -

Ski gloves, mainly used for expedition and ski sports, which are different from daily wear, thermal protection, labor insurance and decorative gloves. Because of the specific use of ski gloves, it is necessary to have corresponding functions, namely, waterproof, breathable and keep warm. Because of the matching of ski gloves and ski wear, its style and color should be considered and coordinated with ski suit.

Skiing is always carried out in cold and snowy fields, so the protection requirements for gloves are very strict. It is not only to keep warm and breathable, but also to be soft, wear resistant and prevent from being cut. When skiing, snow is easy to stick on gloves, so the outer layer of gloves must be waterproof. Ski gloves are usually made of natural leather and synthetic materials and the fabric should be waterproof and breathable. Sometimes, the skiing gloves should be covered with waterproof sleeves.

During skiing, we should constantly adjust the skiing equipment. Therefore, we should choose five fingers ski gloves for easy operation. If the elastic belt is sealed, it can effectively prevent snow. It is better to have cotton lining for keeping warm.

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