The function of kids' cartoon shoes

- Apr 13, 2018 -

(1) breathe and remove bacteria -- movable functional insoles, bacteriostatic, breathable and easy to clean.

(2) toe protection and anti skid – arc design of toe cap, strengthen the protection of toes, big bottom, light and thin, skid proof, enhance the feeling of big bottom and grip, and improve babies’ balance.

(3) health -- imported nontoxic materials, natural cotton mesh cloth, no toxic chemicals, no odor and environmental protection.

(4) easy to walk -- prevent heel valgus and varus, help to develop the baby's correct walking posture and reduce fatigue.

(5) light - bottom assist arc design, help baby to learn walking;

(6) safety -- environmental protection, safety, heel reinforcement design, ankle joint stabilization, and ensuring baby’s ankle does not sprain.

(7) correction - fit for Chinese children's foot type, corrected deformation feet, ensure the health of baby's feet.

(8) anti-skid, shock absorption - protect baby from falling, 3D curve setting function insole to support the arch, buffering baby's pressure in running, jumping on feet, and preventing brain shock.

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