Should the sport and leisure gloves buy the full finger gloves or the half finger?

- Mar 16, 2018 -

Should the sport and leisure gloves buy the full finger gloves or the half finger?

The running gloves can be divided into two types: the full finger and the half finger. So many friends will be more puzzled when they choose to buy. Should they choose the whole or half fingers? Today, sports and leisure gloves manufacturers tell you how to choose, come to learn quickly,

If we want to decide whether we should choose the sports gloves for all or half fingers, we should first understand the purpose of the gloves purchased, and then choose the sports gloves that meet their requirements according to the characteristics of the two different types of gloves. Half finger leisure gloves are characterized by skid resistance, abrasion resistance, air permeability, UV protection and wind protection. The characteristics of all recreational gloves are cold proof and sun protection, but actions are limited.

I believe that, after the introduction above, it is clear that we should buy the full or semi - finger sports and leisure gloves. If you want to buy our products, we can provide price consultation service, and the quantity is great, let us work hand in hand to create a better tomorrow!

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