Precautions in the use of gloves

- Sep 04, 2017 -

Glove size should be appropriate, if the gloves are too tight, restricting blood circulation, easy to cause fatigue, and not comfortable, if too loose, use is inflexible, and easy to fall off.

The gloves chosen should have enough protective effect, the use of steel wire cutting gloves of the environment, you can not choose synthetic yarn cutting gloves. To ensure its protective function, gloves must be replaced on a regular basis. If the duration is exceeded, the hand or skin may be harmed.

Check gloves at any time, check for holes or damaged, abrasive places, especially the finger seam. For the use of gloves can be used to check the inflatable method.

Note the use of gloves, if a pair of gloves in different places, it may greatly reduce the life of gloves.

Use to pay attention to safety, do not put the contaminated gloves arbitrarily dropped, to avoid causing harm to others. Temporarily unused gloves should be put in a safe place.

Gloves must pay attention to the correct way to prevent the use of harmful substances on the gloves exposed to the skin and clothing, resulting in two of pollution.

It is best not to share gloves with others, because inside the glove is a breeding ground for bacteria and microorganisms, and common gloves can cause cross-infection.

Wash your hands before wearing gloves, gloves to wear in clean (sterile) hands, otherwise easy to breed bacteria. Wash your hands after taking off your gloves and rub some hand cream to replenish the grease.

Before wearing gloves to cover the wound, the skin is a natural barrier against external environmental damage, can prevent the entry of bacteria and chemical substances.

Do not ignore any skin erythema or hyperemia, prevent dermatitis and other skin disease occurrence. If the hand appears dry, itchy, bubble, etc., we should promptly ask the doctor for treatment.

Take off your gloves when you shake hands or dance with someone else.

The principle of length selection of gloves is: the shorter the sleeve of the garment, the longer the length of the gloves should be chosen. If you wear short sleeves, sleeveless or strapless clothes, you should wear long gloves.

White gloves and the same color with white gloves, such as ivory, beige, gray and brown gloves are the classic, you can wear gloves in any suitable occasion.

Do not use black gloves with white or light-colored clothes, but can be used to match black, dark or blue clothing. In addition to white and black, other color gloves should be compatible with the color series of your clothes.

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