Materials and properties of antistatic gloves

- Sep 04, 2017 -

The choice of glove function

The United States imports of steel wire gloves made of stainless steels, each steel ring has welding, fine workmanship, wear comfortable, durable, good protection performance. Widely used in: clothing cutting, flooring division, meat processing, sawing machine operation, leather cutting and other work, the industry mainly include: slaughter, meat processing, clothing factories, furniture factories, steel mills, supermarkets stores. In general, the tool is protected during the opening of the tools used for cutting the power tools.

Materials and properties of antistatic gloves

The use of special anti-static polyester fabric production, the base material consists of polyester and conductive fiber, conductive fiber spacing of 4mm, gloves with excellent elasticity and anti-static performance, to avoid the human body produced by static electricity on the product damage, it is suitable for the electronics industry, semiconductors, dust-free workshop and the use of daily life. For the use of gloves to operate anti-static, clean dust-free workshop environment. Wear anti-static gloves can avoid operator fingers direct contact with electrostatic sensitive components, and can safely release operators with the human body static charge. It is a semiconductor industry, optoelectronic industry, semiconductor manufacturing, electronic picture tube manufacturing, computer motherboards manufacturers, mobile phone production plants and other workers must wear. Mainly used in gloves to operate anti-static environment, such as electronics, instrumentation and other industries.

Surface resistance: 106-109ω;

Electrostatic decay time: P. 1sec

Charged Charge quantity: p. 3μc/pair

Washing times: A-level > 100 times; B-Class >50

Size: S, M, L

Packing: 10 pairs/pack, 100 bags/carton

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