Main types of Hats

- Sep 04, 2017 -

Hats of various kinds of hats, by use, there are snow caps, rain, sun caps, helmets, dust caps, nightcap, working caps, travel caps, hats, etc. according to the use of objects and patterns, there are men's hats, women's hats, children's hats, minority hats, lovers caps, cowboy hats, sailor hats, military caps, police caps, professional hats, etc. according to the production materials, Have fur hats, felt hats, woolen hats, long Mao Yan caps, velvet bonnet, straw hats, bamboo hats and so on; According to the characteristics of the style, there are berets, caps, bell-type caps, triangular hat, forward caps, youth caps, scarf caps, boundless female caps, Longjiang hats, Beijing-style hats, Shanxi caps, cotton ear caps, octagonal hats, shorty, tiger hats and so on.                                

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