How to realize the waterproof function of sports leisure gloves

- Mar 30, 2018 -

With the increasing demand for sports gloves, the types and functions of gloves are also constantly enriched. Waterproof function is a function that we all care much about. Gloves manufacturers will tell us how to realize the waterproof function of sports leisure gloves.

Generally, when buying sports and leisure gloves, and see the GTX log on the gloves, many people will consider it is used by the GTX waterproof breathable fabric. In fact, the seam can not be sealed by glue, its waterproof and breathable function is mainly realized through a layer of waterproof gloves inside the middle of the glove. But now many sports and leisure gloves will also use the outer layer of waterproof fiber material, it feels delicate, soft, can also play a certain waterproof, breathable function.

Through the above detailed introduction, I think you have further understanding of such products. If you want to know more about gloves, welcome to inquire and look forward to your visit and cooperation.

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