How to clean a dirty hat?

- Jun 28, 2018 -

Dirty hats can be washed but it is difficult, especially if you wash hand-knitted or fine-worked hats. If you do not wash the hat properly, it will cause discoloration or deformation of the hat. Hand-washing a hat is the safest way. Of course, if it is a strong hat, it can be washed with a washing machine. Hats can not be dried after washing, otherwise it is easy to shrink.

Method 1: Hand Wash Knit Cap

Find a plastic basin filled with water. Do not wash with hot water or warm water, otherwise the hat will fade, and some materials hat will shrink. The amount of water can be as long as the cap can be submerged. If you only wash one or two caps, a plastic bowl is enough.

Pour mild detergent. Stir with a plastic spoon so that there is a layer of foam floating on the water surface.

Wool-washing knit hats are best to use special detergents for washing wool fabrics. Otherwise, mild detergents such as bleach-free additives can also be used. Powdered detergents dissolve directly into the water, so the best cleaning results.

First dip a cap into the water. Before immersing the entire cap, try to see if the cap will fade and the fabric will not have any adverse reactions. The immersion must be part of the back side of the back of the fabric, soaked for 2 minutes, so that if there is any adverse reaction, the damage will not be too obvious.

Dip the entire hat. If there is no adverse reaction to the fabric in the previous step, then you can immerse the entire cap in water. If only regular washing, just soak the cap in water for 30 minutes. If the hat is stained with mud or stubborn dust, you may have to soak it all night.

Rinse hat. Remove the cap from the water, then open the tap water and flush the detergent with a large stream of water. Remember to rinse with cold water until the hat is no longer sticky or visible.

Squeeze excess moisture. Use your hands to squeeze dry water, then gently place the cap on a clean dish cloth until no water drips. Do not wring out, otherwise the hat will be deformed.

Dry your hat. Hang the knitted cap in a well-ventilated area, shape it well, and lay it flat on the towel. If you want to make the hat faster, put the fan on the side, but you must not use a hot air blow with a hair dryer. Otherwise the hat is easy to shrink. Similarly, hats should not be placed in direct sunlight.

Method 2: Wash the knit cap with a washing machine

Put the knit cap in the pillowcase. Washing hand-knitted hats with a washing machine, especially wool or cashmere hats, can easily cause damage. To avoid damage, use pillowcases, underwear bags, or cloth bags that can be washed in a washing machine. Pull up the zipper of the bag or tie it up so that the hat does not fall out of it. This step is very important, especially when you wash very little laundry.

Put the hat and a lot of laundry together. Knit hats are particularly prone to damage when they are thrown away in the washing machine, so you can put the hat and a lot of clothes together to wash, so that the space for the hat to be shaken will be greatly reduced. However, it is best to wash the clothes together in almost the same color, and the materials must be similar. This facilitates the setting of the washing mode.

Fill cold water before starting washing. Before putting clothes and knit caps in, put cold water in the washing machine. No hot water is used because the hot water will cause the hat to fade, and some material hats will even shrink. The amount of water should be sufficient to submerge the clothing. Press the pause before the washing machine starts to stir.

Add a spoonful of mild detergent. Wool-washing knit caps or other clothes must be washed with special wool detergent. The detergent used must be mild and must not contain bleach or any irritating chemicals.

Press the hat to the bottom of the water. Many knit caps, especially wool knit caps, absorb water relatively slowly. The hat will float on the water before it is full. Pulling the hat to the bottom of the water can speed up the water absorption of the hat.

Let the clothes soak in water for a while. Let the cap and other clothing soak in water for 30-60 minutes. If it is a particularly dirty hat, it must be soaked overnight, but not more than one night.

Wash in gentle mode. Generally slightly higher-end washing machines will have a soft mode, and some washing machines will be marked "hand wash mode." If you do not have these modes on your washing machine, you can also use the rotary mode to wash. In soft mode and hand-washing mode, the washing machine is very slow and soft, but without these modes, the rotating mode can be just as long as you put the hat into the pillowcase and wash it with a lot of clothes.

Dry off. If the hat is still wet after the drying mode is over, then you can do it again, or you can squeeze it on a dry, clean towel.

Level the hat and let it dry. Spread a dry, clean towel on the flat surface and place the cap on it. It is best to leave the hat in a ventilated place, such as a room with a fan. Do not leave the hat in a place with hot air or direct sunlight. Let the hat dry naturally. This may take hours or even a whole day.

Method 3: Handwash baseball caps

Dipping baseball cap in hot water. You can immerse your hat in a large bowl, as long as you have a big bowl of hat, the amount of water should be enough to submerge the hat. Soak the hat in the water for 20-30 minutes so that the dust on it will soak.

Fill the sink with water and add detergent. Water should be hot, but be careful not to burn yourself. Add 15 milliliters of detergent to the water. The detergent used should not be aromatic, nor should it contain any dye, otherwise it will damage the cap. Stir with hands evenly.

You can also wash in the bucket instead of in the sink. If your sink is dirty and you are eager to wash your hat, this may be the best solution.

Dip the baseball cap into the sink. Brush your hat with a toothbrush or vegetable brush. You should focus on the areas where you have the most dirt, but you should use a light brush on the place where there are trademarks or signs.

Put your hat clean in cold water. Drain the water from the pool, then turn on the faucet and make sure the water is cold. Then put the hat underneath and clean it. Scrub with your fingers from time to time until you've washed away the detergent.

Dry your hat. Put a few clean dishcloths inside the hat to help shape it, otherwise the hat is easily deformed and cannot be worn.

If you want to make the hat work faster, then you can turn on the fan and blow it around. But do not use hot feng shui, otherwise the hat will shrink.

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