How to choose skiing gloves?

- Jan 17, 2018 -

How to choose skiing gloves?

1, there is no set in the hands of the rope, carpet, on the mobile phone in the car, there is a set of more at ease.

2, take to hand, don't take hypertrophy, or even that of gloves, double plate, the pole is also very important

3, waterproofing, skiing and wrestling are inevitable. If we fall, we will be subconsciously supporting and catching snow. Especially, the advanced way is likely to catch snow consciously. This is a test for the waterproof and wear-resistant of gloves. However, if the snow road below the high level, it is basically a good contact with the snow.

4, ski gloves prices should not be too low, if it is too cheap, I can not support the next season is rotten.

5, to keep warm, skiing is a sports, and very fierce, so the general skiing gloves are not too thick, too thick will also affect the operation.

6, materials, general hand face, finger part of the leather, use more durable

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