How to choose motorcycle gloves?

- Mar 16, 2018 -

How to choose motorcycle gloves?

When choosing motorcycle glove, large size and small size should be suitable. Too large to reach the effect of warmth, and the inconvenient finger movement; too small to stop the blood circulation of the hand, but cause discomfort. Motorcycle gloves should be fixed to their own use, do not randomly wear other people's gloves, so as to avoid infection of the skin disease. For example, scabies, ringworm and other infectious, are available through gloves. Hyperhidrosis patients, winter hand skin bruising, clammy palm and consciously, but easy to sweat, these gloves to choose cotton products, warm and has good water absorption, and can be washed frequently change. For people suffering from foot chapped chapped winter, aggravating, because hand Cayao every day, the best wearing double gloves, gloves should be used in thin fabric, often easy washing, there are a few people allergic to some kind of chemical fiber skin, should avoid the use of this material gloves. Small children thin tender skin, glove material with soft cotton, wool, or elastic nylon products for good. The elderly poor blood circulation, and particularly cold, the skin is dry, with soft fur gloves, wool, cotton. In winter, riding a bicycle and wearing gloves, it is not suitable to choose artificial leather, nylon or too thick material. Because artificial leather is hard to wear in winter, nylon is too slippery, and friction is small. Cycling is easy to slide. Too thick material causes finger movement inconvenience, which are not conducive to riding safety.

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