How to choose a hat

- Jun 28, 2018 -


1, hats and faces:

Face-faced people are suitable to wear a variety of hats, but the depth of the hat should be moderate, in order to reveal the face of about 1/3 is good; square face of the person, the hat shape to be proportionally higher, the face exposed 3/4 is appropriate , suitable for octagonal caps, cowboy hats, rolled caps, hats, etc.; round-faced people, hats should be designed into a square, sharp or polygonal as well, suitable for berets, caps, engineering hats, knight hats, etc.; long face People, hats should not be too high, otherwise it will make the face look longer, the face to reveal 2/3 is better, suitable for fisherman hats, hats, cylinder hats and so on.

2, hats and body types:

The human body has a difference between height and shortness. The tall person should not be small when choosing a hat, otherwise it gives a top-heavy feeling. Short women should not wear flat top hats, tall people should not wear tall hats.

3, hats and skin color:

People with ruddy complexion can coordinate with many colors, but don't wear too red hats; yellow-skinned people are suitable to wear dark brown, beige and other colored hats, and should not wear yellow and green hats; those with dark skin should choose vivid colors. When wearing a hat, it is necessary to pay attention to the overall effect of the dress, and to match the hat effect according to the clothing. For a person with a white skin, the hat is suitable for many colors, but since the skin is too white, it is easy to give people a sense of weakness. Therefore, when choosing the color of the hat, avoid it. Select white or approximate color.

4, hats and clothing:

Wearing a hat that is the same color as the costume or the main color can give people a sense of freshness and elegance. Wearing a hat that is in sharp contrast with the color of the clothing makes people feel lively and vigorous. It is best to wear a darker color when wearing printed clothing. Hats; Wear a blue or red hat when wearing red or blue clothing; Wear a suit, windbreaker, or coat often used with a hat or wool cap; Wearing a sportswear, wearing a baseball cap or an empty top hat can make you Heroic glow.

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