How to choose a good skiing glove?

- Jan 17, 2018 -

How to choose a good skiing glove?

Strong fabric

The most important protection, should have a certain degree of abrasion resistance, tear resistance, cutting scraping ability, skiing, wrestling and hard to avoid bumps, if the fabric is not strong gloves easily damaged, hand can easily injured. The professional ski gloves even in the protection of the main site is made of kevlar body armor materials, very strong and safe.

Non sticky snow

Ski gloves waterproof is not very important, the appearance is good leather, chemical fiber or rubber gloves, cotton, wool, cashmere and other materials easy to stick the snow will soon make gloves and wet and cold, caused serious finger frostbite, so sometimes wearing a fleece or wool ski gloves, and even less unarmed. The waterproof performance of the single board gloves is higher.

Keep warm and breathable

Keeping warm is a basic requirement. Gloves are also very important in air permeability, so that sweat can be evaporated in time to avoid cold feeling when moisture and exercise are decreasing. And the gloved gloves are often sweating, and the gloves are easy to smell.

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