how to buy ski gloves

- Jul 05, 2018 -

First, the fabric is strong.

Protection is of the utmost importance. It must have certain anti-wear, anti-cutting and anti-shearing ability. Ski wrestling and bumping are inevitable. If the fabric is not strong, the gloves are easily damaged and the hands are easily injured. At present, more professional ski gloves are made of Kevlar material made of bulletproof vests even in the main protective parts, which is very strong and safe.

Second, the fabric is not sticky snow.

The waterproofing of ski gloves is not very important. The gloves with leather, chemical fiber or rubber material are very good. The cotton, wool, cashmere and other materials are easy to stick to the snow, so the inside and outside of the gloves will be very moist and cold, which will cause frostbite in the fingers, so sometimes wear Fleece or wool gloves skiing, even better than bare hands. Veneer gloves require higher water resistance.

Third, keep warm and breathable.

Keeping warm is the basic requirement, and the breathability of the gloves is also very important, so that the sweat from the heat will be volatilized in time to avoid the cold feeling when the moisture and the amount of exercise are reduced, and the airtight gloves are often easy to smell in the sweating gloves.

Fourth, the sliding double board should choose the finger gloves

The number should be appropriate, thin and thick. Need to ensure that the fingers are flexible, easy to pull the zipper in the snow, take things, adjust the snow boots, snowboards, up and down the cable car. Some double-layer gloves are also made into a natural curved shape of the fingers, which is more natural and comfortable. Veneer gloves have longer wrists, and it is not easy to get snow in the snow, and some have a wrist structure to prevent bruises when the hands are supported.

Fifth, the finger, palm material is best to slip

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