Hat Products

- Sep 04, 2017 -

A hat, a garment worn on the head, that most can cover the entire top of the head. Hats are mainly used to protect the head, some hats will have a prominent edge, can cover the sun. Hats have shading, decoration, warming and protection and so on, so many kinds of choices also have a lot of attention.

Hats can also be used for dressing, first of all, according to the shape of the face to choose the right hat. Second, choose your hat according to your figure. Wear hats and clothes, try to avoid the weaknesses. The form and color of hats must be matched with costumes. Hats can also be used to protect hair, cover baldness, or as part of a uniform or religious costume. Can be different kinds, such as Tall hat, sun hat and so on. Some hats will have an outward extension of the canopy, called visor. Hats in different cultures have different manners, which are especially important in Western culture, because hats in the past is a symbol of social identity.

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