Gloves for the protection of gloves

- Sep 04, 2017 -

Anti-chemical gloves of the material variety of chemicals, the nature of different, in the choice of gloves to pay special attention to.


Natural latex-Generally speaking, natural latex for aqueous solution, such as acid, alkali aqueous solution has a good protective effect. Its advantages are comfort, good elasticity and flexible use.

Chlorinated polyethylene--for most chemicals have protective properties, can protect the alkali, oil, fuel and many solvents, and has a good high-temperature and low-temperature performance, wear resistance, bending and so on.

Anti-vibration gloves are usually made of three layers of structural gloves, the inner and outer layers are skin or soft and comfortable synthetic fibres, intermediate interlayer is silica gel or other high polymers which can absorb vibration effectively. Gloves selection and use of attention matters the proper choice of gloves, whether or not to use correctly, are directly related to the health of the hand.

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