Description of Hats

- Sep 04, 2017 -

Baseball caps: Baseball caps, mostly American baseball players, usually wear a baseball cap during the game, so many fans will wear their favorite team hats. is the most market penetration of a style of the hat; baseball caps on the material and logo technology requirements are small, production simple, stitching color and accessories with flexible; The obvious sign is curved visor.

Sports caps: Mainly for sports wear hats, more styles, is generally used more frivolous fabric production, stitching more; the quality requirements are higher; logo has embroidery, printing, plastic chapter!

Sports Hat collocation method: Sports cap is always full of youthful vigor symbol, give a person relaxed, natural impression Oh! Spring Summer: Suitable for all kinds of T-shirts, shirts, jeans, vest skirts, or simple cotton dress. Autumn and winter: suitable for corduroy pants, jeans, denim, hooded coats, baseball coats, big sweaters.

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