Antistatic Gloves Use

- Sep 04, 2017 -

Anti-static gloves use: anti-static properties of good, washable. Can eliminate the harm of static electricity to the human body, eliminate the human body movement or wear off from electrostatic generated by the unpleasant feeling. Can eliminate static electricity caused by clothing close, tangle, not easy to rub dust, resistant to dirty easy to wash. Antistatic gloves are widely used in electronics, machinery manufacturing, medical and other industries. Mainly used in gloves to operate anti-static environment such as electronics, instrumentation and other industries.

Application areas: Suitable for weak current, precision Instrument assembly, product inspection, such as the use of fingertip work place and electronic products,

Inspection works of various research institutions.

It is mainly used in anti-static environment such as electronics, instrumentation and other industries, can prevent the electronic components caused by electrostatic damage, aging, in the petrochemical industry can prevent the combustion, explosion and other hazards caused by electrostatic. It is made of antistatic fabric or antistatic fabric. Antistatic environment for anti-static/purifying gloves operation.


① fingertip position is semicircle, relieve the pressure of the fingertip from the work;

② not easily contaminated with dust, suitable for cleaners;

③ Elastic strong, completely fit hand-shaped, not easy to skid, finger movement flexible, suitable for fine work;

④ breathable strong, suitable for long time operation.

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