Antistatic Coating Gloves

- Sep 04, 2017 -

Antistatic coating

$number dust-free nylon yarn plus 20% high-performance copper fiber conductive yarn made of.

Antistatic Coating Gloves

Antistatic Coating Gloves

The PU coating of the finger or the palm is helpful to assemble the operation and will not remain fingerprint printing.

PU coating with conductive resin to make the antistatic effect excellent.

Good air permeability, washable.

Surface Resistance: 10 3 Times Square-10 4 square Ω.

Antistatic property is excellent and washable.

Can eliminate the harm of static electricity to the human body, eliminate the human body movement or wear off from electrostatic generated by the unpleasant feeling.

Can eliminate static electricity caused by clothing close, tangle, not easy to rub dust, resistant to dirty easy to wash.

Homemade steel wire gloves are made of stainless steel wire and can be substituted for imported metal gloves under certain circumstances. This glove may be considered in the case of less stringent requirements, taking into account the cost of use.

Package steel wire Gloves for high-strength fiber wrapped stainless steel wire prepared, this cutting-resistant gloves excellent performance, wear comfortable, washable, cut-resistant performance of up to 5, to meet the non-electric tool operation of almost any workplace cutting. is a large number of use in the production of glass steel plate, cutting, handling, replacement of knives and other materials such as the cutting of the material and the armed police fighting places, can be customized according to customer requirements of various styles, a variety of protection grade protective gloves.

Kevlar gloves to their own materials lightweight, wear-resistant, high temperature and other characteristics, made all kinds of Kevlar gloves, to meet a variety of places with light cutting and high wear-resistant places, a large number of applications in automotive manufacturing, machining, casting and other places.

Dinema anti-cutting gloves, strong resistance, wear laminating hand, anti-static and other characteristics, is a large number of use in precision machining of cutting protection, food industry cutting protection, dust-free working environment cutting protection and other high-end cutting sites.

All kinds of metal gloves, steel hoop gloves, stainless steel gloves, ring gloves, iron gloves, cutting gloves, cutting gloves, cutting gloves, edge gloves, knife gloves, cutting gloves, labor gloves, barbed gloves, cutting protective gloves are at all times to protect people's safety.

Protective gloves

A wide variety of protective gloves, in addition to chemical-resistant classes, there are cutting, electrical insulation, waterproof, cold, heat radiation, fire-retardant and other functions, it needs to be explained that the general acid and alkali gloves and anti-chemical protective gloves are not equivalent, because many chemicals relative to the glove material has different penetration capacity, Therefore, you should choose to have protective gloves against infiltration of various chemicals.

Depending on the characteristics of the protective gloves, the appropriate gloves should be used for reference, and the presence State (gaseous and liquid) of the chemical should be considered to determine that the glove can withstand the concentration. For example, gloves made from natural rubber can cope with the general low concentration of inorganic acids but cannot resist concentrated nitric acid and concentrated sulfuric acid. Rubber gloves have a good blocking effect on pathogenic microorganism and radioactive dust.

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