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Unisex Thermal Padded Ski Gloves

Unisex Thermal Padded Ski Gloves

Name:Winter Ski Gloves Snowboard Gloves Material:Available in wool, acrylic,cowhide,goatskin,shepp skin,kangaroo leather,cashmere, rayon, linen, nylon, Kavlar,3M Reflective material,Dupon Lycra,and other blended materials. Usage: Winter Ski gloves

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Unisex Thermal Padded Ski Gloves

1. Li-on battery: 3.7V 2600mA
2. Temperature: 40-60C
3. Working time: 4-5 hours with full power
4. Size: S M L XL
5. Input of charger: AC 100-220V with Europe standard plug

1. Please charge about 12 hours at first time
2. Keep switch on when charging
3. Usually charge 3-4 hours until the light green
4. Don't soak in the water for a long time. Please use wet towel to clean the glove.


1. Safe and reliable
Unisex Thermal Padded Ski Gloves Provide special power adapter and lithium battery with protection circuit which can prevent battery being overcharge or overdischarge. The input is only 3.7-7.4 V, absolutely safe and reliable
2. Energy saving
Equipped with excellent heating material. The heating temperature can reach up to 40-60 degrees Celsius. The power is less than 4W, low consumption
3. Practical:
Products adopt separation design, and elaboratly design unique invisible battery area. It is convenient to do outdoor sports in winter, with simple operation, good warm effect which give you unlimited warmth and care in cold.
4. Good warm effect
High capacity rechargeable Li-polymer battery, Votage: 3.7V/7.4V, Capacity: 2200mAh/4400mAh, can recycle charge-discharge for more than 500 times. It can keep warm for 4-10 hours, and maintain the temperature about 38-50c
5. Waterproof
The gloves have excellent waterproof layer, can protect the gloves.

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